5 September
4th South West BMT Training Day

Chairs: Dr Stephen Robinson (Bristol) and Dr Hannah Hunter (Plymouth)

State of the Art Lectures:
The place of ASCT and alloSCT in Hodgkin lymphoma
Allogeneic transplants in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Transplants in myelofibrosis

CAR-T Cell Therapy
CAR-T cell therapy across the UK
Local Update on CAR-T – state of play

Transplant Complications
MAHA, TMAs, TTP, TME and endothelial complications
Pulmonary complications – a guide to assessing pulmonary function tests better

Cases and Dilemmas


Dr Stephen Robinson, University Hospitals Bristol
Dr Hannah Hunter, Dr Patrick Medd and Dr David Lewis, University Hospitals Plymouth
…more to be confirmed

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