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Living with MPNs

Saturday 18 November 2023
Hybrid Event from the Cavendish Conference Centre 22 Duchess Mews, London W1G 9DT

Live Stream


You won’t need to download any software for this event. As long as you have registered with us and provided a unique email address, you will just need to use the event link from a laptop, PC or Mac.

Supported Devices and Browsers

It is highly recommended that you use a laptop or desktop computer running Windows 10, Windows 11 or MacOS and not a mobile device.

You will need to join the event using one of the supported browsers below – Google Chrome is the best and is recommended where possible:

Windows PC or Laptop: CHROME or MICROSOFT EDGE
Internet Explorer is NOT supported and will not work with the platform.

In advance of the meeting, please check that your browser is up-to-date and, before joining on the day, that any other programmes that may be trying to use your camera and microphone (Zoom, Teams etc.) are closed.


To check that your device’s camera, microphone and speakers are working correctly and will allow you to access the Remo platform, we suggest that you use the system checker (link below):


Joining the Event:

To join the event, please use this link: https://live.remo.co/e/living-with-mpns-1/register

You will need to create a Remo account before you can join the virtual meeting. If you receive a message to say that you aren’t on the list, please try again closer to the meeting as it is likely that your email hasn’t yet been loaded – when this is done will depend on the timing of your registration. Registrations completed in the 24 hours leading up to any event are unlikely to be loaded until just before the meeting starts.


For detailed joining instructions and information about what to do if you encounter any problems, please view or download: Joining the Event

To learn about the platform functions and get the best out of meeting, please view or download: Navigating the Platform


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