Hartley Taylor

9th Oxford Bone Infection Conference (OBIC)

8 December 2020
Virtual Event


Welcome from Matt Scarborough & Why me?… and other important questions patients might ask
Mr David Stubbs Oxford

Do’s and don’ts.  An approach to….

  • Diagnosis of bone and joint infection
    Dr Bridget Atkins, Oxford
  • Surgical management of prosthetic joint infection
    Mr Ben Kendrick, Oxford
  • Wound closure
    Mr Alex Ramsden, Oxford


WORKSHOP: The quinolone conundrum (Video presentation)
Dr Matt Scarborough / Dr Lou Dunsmure

Trainee presentation: Prescribing practise post OVIVA:  What are we doing now?
Dr Ruth Corrigan, Oxford


Trials and big data

Big data in bone and joint infection
Professor Andrew Price, Oxford

Professor Mike Reed, Northumbria

Dr Maria Dudareva, Oxford

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