4th ILROG Educational Conference: Radiotherapy in Modern Management of Haematological Malignancies

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September 2023
One Great George Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA

Abstracts & Posters

Abstract submissions have now closed.

The top scoring abstracts have been selected for publication in the conference booklet and for poster display in the venue during the meeting. If your abstract has been selected, you are required to register for the conference as a paying delegate. Please contact Alex – – if you need any assistance with your registration.

The goal of the abstract submissions and poster presentations at the 4th ILROG educational meeting is to present new data in the broad field of Radiotherapy for Haematological malignancies research and care.

Guidelines for poster preparation:

The MAXIMUM dimensions for posters are:

Width: 100 cm (1000 mm)
Height: 150 cm (1500 mm)

If you are producing your poster to a specific paper size, A1 will fit in both landscape and portrait formats however A0 will only fit in portrait. Please ensure that your poster DOES NOT exceed these dimensions it will not fit onto the allocated poster board.

The poster boards will be located in the main exhibition and catering room at the venue you will be told which number board is yours when you arrive on 9th September. Posters MUST be mounted on the assigned board. The boards are covered in black hessian fabric so please bring some Velcro hooks to secure your poster to the board.

Posters may be put up from 08.15 on Saturday 9th September and MUST be removed at the end of the lunch break on Sunday 10th September (by 13.15 latest). Any posters left behind after this time may be thrown away.

As your poster may be viewed at distances of 1 metre or more, we would recommend that lettering should be large enough to be read from this distance, preferably in an easy-to-read font.

Please do not mount your poster on heavy board as this will make it difficult to keep in position on the board.

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