Hartley Taylor

CAR T Masterclass at UCLH

Friday 7th October 2022
The UCH Education Centre, 1st Floor West, 250 Euston Road, London NW1 2PG (TBC)

UCLH, in close collaboration with UCL, has the most comprehensive CAR T-cell programme in Europe and the largest academic CAR T trial portfolio in the UK. Our academic CAR T-cell programme is designed to have a fully integrated pipeline from discovery and pre-clinical development through to experimental Phase I studies, allowing for rapid clinical translation.

The implementation of the clinical CAR-T cell programme at UCLH in 2016 required a paradigm shift in clinical care pathways and logistics, with a cohesive multi-disciplinary team effort across departments, including medical, nursing, apheresis, stem cell laboratory, pharmacy, administrative, trials and educational staff. As an established and renowned department, UCLH has acquired vast experience in the provision of this novel treatment modality.

Our CAR T masterclass proposes to share our learnings to date, with a focus on optimising patient outcomes and the delivery of safe clinical care.

This one-day event is targeted at medical, nursing, apheresis, pharmacy and administrative teams at prospective or newly fledged CAR T centres and will focus specifically on the delivery of licensed CAR T-cell products in haematological malignancies.

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