2-3 November
King’s College Hospital CAR-T Cell Preceptorship Course


This is a 2 day programme looking at the A-Z of CAR-T cells with a practical interface, offering a hands on approach in delivering and managing CAR-T infusions.

Preceptorships encourage interactive and focused learning through a ‘small group’ tutorial format including wet practicals; sifting through operational and administrative issues alongside real life clinical vignettes.

This a comprehensive learning module (accommodating 20 delegates only) which cannot be captured in a webcast/podcast format.


As an NHS England and JACIE accredited CAR-T centre, we have a sizeable working experience in all aspects, including patient selection, apheresis, vector construct, delivery, monitoring and short and long term complications.

We have an invested and committed focus on teaching and education, delivering state-ofart training modules.

We have a holistic CAR-T multidisciplinary team including all stake holders (haematologists, transplant physicians, specialist nurses, intensivists, neurologists, immunologists, virologists and quality managers) who will be actively involved in teaching on this preceptorship.

Apart from the licensed indications for CAR-T, our CAR-T cell programme includes allogeneic, off the shelf CARs and remains at the vanguard of hosting trials for future generation CARs.


Delegates will learn all aspects of CAR-T treatment, both clinical and administrative (quality assurance) with the hope that they can actively steer and lead similar programmes in their parent institute.

Gaining confidence in all aspects of CAR-T delivery enabling and empowering delegates to be active members on the CAR-T programmes at their hospitals.


Consultants with interest in CAR-T immunotherapy

Senior specialist registrars considering a career in CAR-T cell immunotherapy

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